How important are search engine optimization and Web site promotion to your business?

They're so important, money spent on Web design is almost completely wasted without them!

No matter how attractive your Web site, without proper search engine optimization and Web marketing, you'll have a hard time getting your message across. Super Web Site Promotion can help you in every phase of building continuous Web site traffic, from finding the right domain name, to helping you develop the best keywords for your site, to submitting your site to the search engines so your business can have the Web exposure it needs to be successful.


We stay up-to-date, so you don't have to
We stay up-to-date regarding the popularity of each search engine, and we track each engine's ever-changing requirements. We make the necessary changes to our Web site submission system, according to each engine's stringent guidelines. We then submit your pages with the proper frequency to get top results. This allows us the best shot at getting your Web site into the top 10, 20 or 30 listings of the major search engines. Without all this care and attention, chances are, your site will never be seen.

Without proper search engine marketing, your site might as well be in the middle of nowhere.

We target the most effective keywords for your business
We research the keywords that not only describe your business, but that also are popular with the public. For instance, a high ranking for "motivational books" for a business that sells them is a waste of time and money if the public is searching for "self-help books." We do the research to know what people are really searching for.

Good keywords are critical in the search engine optimization process. They help your pages rank well (which increases Web site traffic), because they contain information relevant to search queries directly related to your particular business.

We continuously monitor your Web site's progress
Our submission service includes monitoring the progress of your site and providing you with a monthly report. This allows you to quickly and easily see where your keywords and pages are ranking in all the major search engines.

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