Do you have a domain name yet?

Having an appropriate domain name can be an important adjunct to Web site marketing.

If your domain name describes your business, that's great. For instance, if you're in the air conditioning business, and your domain name is "" or "," you'd be ahead of the game when it comes to search engine marketing. However, if your company name is "Alltemp Inc." and your domain name is "," that could work well, too, because the domain name contains your company name.

But what if your company name or your business category aren't available as domain names? That's when you need to be creative. There are many domain name options available today, including new extensions, such as ".info," ".biz" and others. These could be helpful when trying to find an appropriate name. But there also may be other parameters, such as your closest competitors' domain names and which keywords are being searched most often in the search engines, that you should consider before choosing an alternative name.

Confused about how to choose a domain name that will work best in the search engines?

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