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To see where your site is currently listed, click on one of the search engines below. Once there, enter a keyword that describes your business into the search box.


As you're doing searches, be sure to enter a generic term that others might use to find your business. For example, if your domain was "" and you searched for "Bob's motivational books" or "Bob's books," you probably would find your site. This is because there would be very few Web sites using that particular combination of words. But ask yourself, would someone who isn't already familiar with you know to type those specific words?

Still using "" as an example, you would use generic search terms, such as "motivational books," "self help books" or any other phrase that generally describe the business. Using similarly generic terms for your business will help you to understand where you stack up against your competitors' Web sites.


If your site wasn't ranked in the top 30 listings on at least a few of these search engines,

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