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What is Web content?

Web content includes a site's text, of course, but it also can incorporate photos, graphics, blogs, podcasts, e-books, videos and even advertising. Simply put, content is any text, graphics or media on your Web site.

Once your site has been found in the search engines, it's critically important that it be appealing to your potential customers. Web content plays a huge role in accomplishing this. It's obvious that you would want to sell your company's best features on your Web site, but what might not be so apparent is that you also have to present other material that is of interest to your site visitors. Sometimes this means providing information or a service that is free and solely for the users' benefit (such as our Keyword Test page). This attention to your customers' needs can go a long way toward providing Web content that's "sticky", meaning it holds readers' attention and keeps them on your site.

To have a sticky site, you really have to understand your audience. We know how to assess Web audiences and determine what interests them. We use that knowledge to develop content that will communicate your message effectively.

How does the content development process work?

Content can be enhanced at any stage of your Web site's development. We begin by learning everything you know about your customers' expectations. We then research your competitors to see how they're approaching the same market. Once we've done this and researched the most appropriate keywords for your site, the content is created according to our high standards.


When the content is complete, we can deliver it to you electronically or work closely with your Web developer while he or she incorporates it into your site. Or, if you prefer, we can implement the content ourselves. Whichever way we work, our goal would be to make the process a pleasant experience for you.

Please contact us for a quote.

Because of the custom nature of Web content development, we quote each project individually. You'd be surprised how affordable it can be!

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