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We offer the following Web promotion services:

Keyword analysis

Keyword analysis is the combined art and science of identifying keywords that describe your business and are popular with the public. This step is an essential part of Web site optimization and promotion. Unfortunately, many companies often overlook this critical element when they launch Web sites. If these ill-prepared sites rank in search engines at all, they do so for keywords that no one is even looking for. That translates to being virtually invisible on the Web.

Web site optimization

Search engine optimization is another critical element if you want your site to rank highly in the search engines. Optimization makes your site more search-engine friendly, but does NOT change its overall look. Web site optimization can take many forms: source-code tags, specially written headers and "alts" (words attached to images that can only be seen when you roll your mouse over them), text, links, etc. Many times, we can offer advice as a site is being built that will help it rank in the search engines. We also optimize sites that are already built. Each site is different, so each usually requires unique work to help it rank.

Site submission

We submit your site to the most important search engines on the Web. Even though there are technically a lot search engines, only a handful matter. You probably already know most of them: Google, Bing, Yahoo and Ask.com. These, along with a few others, account for over 90 percent of the search traffic on the Web. (If you see an ad offering to list your site on 400-500 search engines, those companies are usually referring to sites with minor amounts of traffic or that already pull their listings from one of the main engines.) We concentrate on optimizing sites to be found by the engines that cover the largest area on the Internet.

Detailed monthly reports
We constantly monitor the progress of your site and provide you with a monthly report, so you can easily see where your keywords and pages are ranking in the major search engines.

We can provide any or all of the above services to help your site rank in the very competitive world of the Web.

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